Our story

We met last year on a clear Sunday afternoon on Broadway in Chicago. Our first date was supposed to be breakfast but it turned out to last six glorious hours. Our jobs finally interrupted the magic, but Bill stole a kiss on Lake Shore Drive before it was over. We knew we would meet again.

Over the summer, we got to know each other and had many goofy, wonderful adventures along the way. On one date, we found ourselves at the art museum, immersed in a retrospective, interpretive exhibit about Brazilian towns. All we can say is, we ended up barefoot in a big pile of foam blocks, and kissed again in a secret tree.

We also experienced the wonder of the solar eclipse. We made it to the dead center of the path in Tennessee. When the lights went out, there was no one else around and nobody better to share the experience with than each other.

One Saturday, Alex surprised Bill with a hiking trip to the suburban Chicago woods, which is where they buried the remains of the world’s first nuclear reactor. Nothing says true love like buried radioactive waste. Bill says, “Our love has no half-life, and will never decay.”

Travel has been a huge part of our life together. We’ve been to ten states, from the West Coast to the Rocky Mountains to the Ohio hills to the sunny shores of Charleston and Pensacola. We’re lucky to have a love that stretches across the nation.

Alex says, “I have been privileged to find a man who brings so much joy to my life, and is so gentle, and has the most adorable face I’ve ever seen.” Bill says, “I’m damn picky, but I finally found the perfect one. Alex makes me laugh every single day, and I’m so lucky to have someone who looks after me.”

We can’t wait to get married and have all our family and friends there to celebrate. We’re looking forward to the love and warmth of our wedding day!