Here’s the complete set of wedding events.

Saturday morning: Chicago architecture boat tour

We will be taking the Chicago Architecture Foundation’s boat tour of the city. The specific boat to buy tickets for is September 29 at 10am.

You can read more about the tour at the CAF’s web site.

Boats leave from the river dock directly in front of the Chicago Architecture Center, 111 E. Wacker Drive.

This event is sadly sold out.

Please also note that there are competing boat tour companies out there. We’re using the nonprofit Chicago Architecture Foundation.

Saturday afternoon: The Game Room at the Chicago Athletic Club

When the boat tour is over, we’ll head down Michigan Avenue to the Chicago Athletic Club–an old, restored gentlemen’s club now turned into a posh hotel. We should arrive around 12pm.

Inside the Club, we’ll be meeting at The Game Room, a combination bar, restaurant, and collection of century-old parlor games. We should have enough room to mingle, drink, and catch up together. This will be an informal “show up if you want” and “buy your own food and drinks”-type event. We’d love to see you, and the good news is this isn’t a typical dreary two-hour wedding brunch where you can’t talk to everyone else.

The location is 12 S. Michigan Avenue, second floor. 

The Game Room is immediately adjacent to the Cherry Circle Room, another amazing space. We may spill over into this room. It is directly adjacent–in the same building, same address, same time.

Saturday night: Honeymoon begins!

We’re bound for California Saturday night. We’re heading out on the honeymoon. Goodbye, and please enjoy the city after we leave! Thanks for coming.