What to wear

Our wedding colors

Our wedding colors are cream, hydrangea blue, and orange:

Our inspiration for the blue and orange is blue hydrangeas and orange crocuses:

We will be using cream for the base color–the paper of the invitations, the color of the signs, the guest registry, the tablecloths. No one will be wearing cream for clothing, however.

We will use the hydrangea blue for the complementary color–the napkins will be blue, many of the flowers will be blue hydrangeas. The dinner plates may be blue.

We will use orange for our “pop of color.” Some flowers will be orange. Some accent notes in printed materials will be orange. The candles may be orange.


This is our sketch for the entire wedding party:

What the grooms will be wearing

We have settled on wearing different tuxedo-style jackets with matching pants. We haven’t purchased them yet, but they will look much like this:

As you can see, one of us is going to wear a navy blue tux and the other will wear a darker grey tux. Both will have unifying black silk “stripes” around the lapels and back of the collar. We are going to wear standard dress shirts. Alex will wear a grey bow tie and Bill will wear a navy blue tie.

We’re going for an effect something like the couple below. As you can see, they’re wearing the same style of suit, but in different colors. We will do something like what they did with the ties–picking up the color of each other’s suit in the tie. That way, we’re complementary, but different. (Please note, we are not buying these exact colors; this is just to show you the effect of pulling in each other’s colors.)

What women in the wedding party should wear

We would like you to echo the French blue/blue hydrangea color in the dress or suit of your choice.

We will give you an orange crocus to pin to your dress that pulls in the orange accent note.

What men in the wedding party should wear

Because we’re going with a navy blue tux and a darker grey tux, we want you to wear complimentary colors as shown in the graphic above.

We assigned colors to people:

  • Steve: medium grey
  • Paul: blue–lighter than navy if possible
  • Andy: blue–lighter than navy if possible
  • John: lighter grey
  • Arnie: blue–lighter than navy if possible
  • Dave: black tux (not “in” the wedding party–so not wearing a suit)

Andy and Arnie should not have the same exact color blue.

The idea is that the groomsmen will have complimentary colors to the grooms themselves.

Please wear a standard business suit–not a tuxedo. You should have a white dress shirt–oxford point, not button-down.

We will give each man a tie clip and a matching tie. The tie will work with either suit color. The idea is, the tie will pull in both the blue and the orange notes. Also, these ties will subtly unify the wedding party even though you will all have different suits. [These aren’t perfect samples but this is the idea.]

Our overall effect is a bit “mix and match.” We are going for this:

Or this:

But not this (identical):

Men’s shoes

Wear shoes that are appropriate to the suit. Classic colors like dark brown and black are great. But for a blue suit, don’t wear black shoes.

Lighter color shoes (tan, grey, etc.) can be worn with suits if you think it looks good. The groom on the left in our first “mix and match” photo is wearing tan suede shoes. If you can pull it off, go for it.

What parents should wear

Whatever you want! Now you have an idea of what the party will look like, but you certainly don’t have to dress like us.